Where did the jobs go?

It will come as no shock to you (especially if you haven’t seen a paycheck lately) that the unemployment rate has crossed over the 6% mark.   No shock to McCain either as evidenced by what he said was the cure for it…

Although a senior adviser to John McCain said the Republican nominee wouldn’t take a stimulus plan “off the table,” Sen. McCain is focusing on tax cuts, instead, as a key to recovery. “All you ever asked of government is to stand on your side, not in your way, and that’s what I intend to do,” he said today at a rally in Cedarburg, Wis.

So much for bringing change to Washington.  Having voted more than 90% of the time with George Bush, one of the principal architects of the Republican not-so-full employment plan, Senator McCain continues to sing the same old tune.  Guess the convention is over.

I was driving home from Ventura today with my sweetie and, as usual, we were exercising our blood pressure by talking about politics.  I decided to stop making things complex by adopting the Rothenberg theory of why the economy is in the mess it’s in.  It’s really pretty simple.

First, we went to Iraq with, charitably, erroneous reasons and a stupidly conceived and executed plan.

Second, we spent and continue to spend money over there like a drunken sailor (my apologies to the troops.)

Third, we didn’t make up for it by raising taxes on the wealthy and as a result generated the worst deficit we’ve seen in some time.  We (Republicans and Democrats) then compounded it by sending a few bucks to the folks at home via childish tax rebates which they promptly sent back to the sheikhs in the Middle East through an astounding increase in oil prices and an insatiable taste for it.

Finally, we didn’t have any money left to spend on improving our schools,  fixing the broken infrastructure of roads and bridges, and subsidizing the development of alternative energy sources.  All of which would have created, not lost, jobs.

So, now that we are rapidly approaching the status of a third world country, Senator McCain wants to cut taxes.  As usual, he who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.

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