To debate or not to debate

As Andrew Sullivan said today, does John McCain think that his postponing this Friday’s debate and putting his campaign on hold will calm the financial markets?  Or is his entire campaign collapsing?

Or as Barney Frank said (I love to hear him talk…he sounds like he really means it)

…McCain’s move was “the longest ‘Hail Mary’ in the history of either football or Marys.” The chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, which was holding a hearing on the bailout, added “I’m not particularly focused on Senator McCain. I guess if I wanted expertise there [from the GOP ticket], I’d ask Sarah Palin.”

And speaking of the Snow Queen, she met with a few more heads of state on Wednesday to garner additional foreign policy expertise.  Worn out by that exercise, she skipped her economics class.  Instead, as reported by the Associated Press, she warned whoever would listen that if the bailout wasn’t settled lickety-split we were probably headed for a depression.  Comforting.

The same Associated Press article reveals that the Snow Queen’s positive poll numbers appear to be melting.  Come on, admit it, you knew they would.

Earlier this month, an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll showed more people viewing Palin favorably than unfavorably, 47 percent to 28 percent. But an ABC News-Washington Post poll released Wednesday showed that in a two-week period, the number seeing Palin positively dropped 6 percentage points while 10 points more see her unfavorably. On Monday, a CNN-Opinion Research Corp. poll said her favorable rating dropped 4 points and her unfavorable rating rose 8 points over two weeks.

As Obama put it, now is the time when the people of this country should hear from the two candidates about their economic policies and what they might do about them as president.  There are close to six hundred elected representatives in Washington and a gazillion administration employees who can probably muddle through the bailout mess with just a couple of kind words from each of the candidates.  Showboating, one-upsmanship, and giving yourself more credit than you deserve isn’t really needed or appreciated.

I’m sure I can help.  I was talking to my buddy Harry last night and I casually offered a suggestion that Congress should consider doling out the $700 billion to Mr. Paulson in installments rather than shoveling all that money into the fire at once.  But then I said they must have already thought about that and rejected the idea due to some advanced Keynsian theory of economics that I couldn’t possibly fathom.  After all, Paulson was head of Goldman Sachs and made a gazillion dollars.  Bernanke was chairman of Princeton’s economics department before heading up the Federal Reserve.  These guys must know what’s best for us.

Then, while shlepping into downtown Ojai this morning, I practically drove off the road when I heard that the installment plan was being discussed in the Congressional mens room.  I’m a genius.  Somebody please tell my wife.

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