Miss Congeniality

John McCain was right about two things last night.  He is not Miss Congeniality, and you don’t really need much experience to be Vice-President…or even President of the United States.

His grumpy side (actually all his sides are pretty grumpy) held sway through much of the evening.  As Sweetie and I watched his performance with about fifty other Democrats at the Ojai Obama headquarters, I kept thinking about the Queen of Hearts in the Walt Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.  I had a vision of the Old Guy sitting in the Oval Office with that worn-out Sharpie marking pen vetoing every bill put before him while yelling “off with their heads.”

Even Grizzly Bears don’t stand a chance when the Sharpie is wielded.  His old rant about government misspending a couple million bucks looking at bear DNA in Montana took center stage.  While the benefits of intruding on the bears can be argued, the NY Times says…

…he fails to mention that the project was sponsored by Conrad Burns, a former Republican senator from Montana who chairs the McCain campaign in that state.  Mr. McCain never explains why, if it was such a waste, he didn’t try to curtail it on the Senate floor.

Back to grumpiness though.  I really don’t want a grumpy warrior as president.  We’ve tried a warrior for the last eight years and look where that got us.  If we throw grumpy into the mix we end up with something that looks like Conan the Barbarian with hemmorhoids.

Perhaps the most telling part of the evening was how well the Muslim guy stood up under the test.  With less than one-quarter of the experience of the Old Guy, the CBS and CNN polls report that he still managed to come out ahead on foreign policy, McCain’s presumed strong suit.

It was also interesting to hear both candidates rattle off the names of tongue-twisting geographic areas and their leaders.  John clearly won that contest by naming Waziristan, an area of Pakistan best known for the production of terrorists.  That more than made up for incorrectly naming of the leader of that country.  In addition, McCain won big points when he waived his passport at the camera, clearly showing that he had more stamps in it than Obama.

Given the Muslim guy’s skill at foreign affairs with less than one-quarter of McCain’s tenure in Congress, I have changed my mind about the Snow Queen’s readiness to be vice-president.  I don’t care anymore whether she has a passport, is unable to complete a full sentence, worries about Putin in our airspace, believes dinosaurs are only 6,000 years old, or keeps earmarked money after the mark is erased.

Anyway, if I’m wrong about her, we can always keep her busy collecting Polar Bear DNA.

1 Response to “Miss Congeniality”

  1. 1 judie September 28, 2008 at 10:16 am

    Definitely, if I were on the fence not knowing who I was voting for I would want to wait for all the debates. This one leans to Obama. Maybe it is because when he speaks, it is with more authority in his voice. I do not buy into the not much experience, as I believe that he is smart enough to surround himself with experienced and knowledgeable people. Nobody is a jack-of-all-trades, so we need help.
    The more I see Sarah, the more I am convinced that she is going around not believing herself, how she got where she is. I get the feeling she is overwhelmed and surprised and it is kind of a game.
    The election will be interesting. Charles and I are so pro-Obama and his son, Jeff, is so pro Bush and McCain. We so not have too many discussions about it! Charles’ sister-in-law, emails, calls or writes to the White House every week or more than once, ranting and raving about something. She hates the guy!! Their family is very divided. They are very divided on Cubs and Sox also. It makes for interesting conversations.


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