Yesterday was a good day.  I saved $21.64.  And got a million dollars of satisfaction.

A little over two weeks ago I bought a flash drive from E-Tailer.  It’s one of those little things that looks like your thumb but holds more digital data than the original room sized Univac.  A marvel of technology that defies explanation.  Sort of like cell phones, the internet, and women.

The device worked spasmodically.   Sometimes the drive would be recognized by the computer.  Sometimes not.  Needing to devote my full attention to healh care reform, I put it aside vowing to contact E-Tailer and get a refund.  Procrastination set in.

Finally, yesterday I logged on to the E-Tailer site.  Navigating effortlessly, I found my purchase and looked for a way to ask for a refund.  A flashing box, like the one near LAX that advertises Totally Nude, extolled the virtues of “chatting with a customer representative…real time…on line”.  Why not?  I clicked and entered the chat mode.  Comfy.  What follows is a blow-by-blow replay of my E-chat…

CSR Jones has entered the session.

FRED: I have a problem with an item I purchased.  My order number is 234323411-001

CSR Jones: Thank you for contacting the E-Tailer on-line assistance team.  I have been assigned to your query.

CSR Jones: Could you please explain your request?

FRED: The flash drive does not work consistently.

CSR Jones: Would you like to return the item?

FRED: Yes.

CSR Jones: I am sorry since you received the item more than 14 days ago we are unable to process a Return order.

FRED: If you do not take it back, I will be a very unhappy customer.

CSR Jones: In order to service the item kindly contact the manufacturer.

CSR Jones: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

FRED: Frankly, I don’t understand why I should do that…why don’t you contact the manufacturer?

CSR Jones: One moment please…

CSR Jones: I am sorry we do not have authorization and facility to contact the Manufacturer.

FRED: Neither do I.

FRED: I am one week beyond your self-imposed 14 day return policy…which I did not agree to when I purchased this defective item. If you have any business sense, you will take it back.

FRED: If you can’t authorize the return, please give me to a supervisor who can.

CSR Jones: the manufacturer # is 1-877-654-4357

FRED: Good… you call them.

CSR Jones: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

FRED: I appreciate your apology…but that does not help.

FRED: Do you have a supervisor?

CSR Jones: I have processed an Credit only Order Number: 34567671-001 for the defective item.

CSR Jones: So you will receive a Credit of $21.64

CSR Jones: As well as you do not need to return the item.

CSR Jones: You can keep it with you like a gift.

CSR Jones: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

FRED: Thank you very much. Does that mean it will be applied to my next order?

CSR Jones: No you will receive a credit in 3 – 5 business days to your Credit card.

CSR Jones: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

FRED: Wonderful. You have been helpful in resolving the problem. Much appreciated.

FRED: Goodbye and keep cool.

I am sending this blog, special delivery, to President Obama.  Maybe he can use it when he speaks to Congress about Health Care Reform.


3 Responses to “Persistence”

  1. 1 Grampa George September 3, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    I just got off the Phone with Magellan. I have had a problem with them since Aug 28, when I ordered a Map update for my GPS.I belong to AAA, and their is a 15% dicount on MAPS. I failrd to get my discount the first time, called a support person, he after ten Min came back your order has been cancled. You will get a E-Mail in 48 hours saying so. LIke Hell I did. Meanwhile like a nut that I am, I ordered the software again, with the discount. My second Phone call, I wanted to Talk to ID AM2030, this is the guy who failed to cancel my order. Sir we don,t know other people in support?. Today I got two copys of the Map update, and I got back on Phone. I have a RA # so I can get a refund to my Credit Card, I have to send the other Software back, to a address in Tenn. I,m glad I did not run Instant Replay for the PAC-10, like this, if I had, I would have had a #12 Shoe, you know where, from one of the official in the Booth.
    Love YA Fred George.


  2. 2 Harry Levin September 3, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    I had a similar with Comcast. They charged me for a service call to fix a screw-up by their technician on a previous call. We went round and round until I requested (more like demanded) to speak to a supervisor because we weren’t communicating. At that point he said they would reverse the charges.
    The moral to this story is just ask for a supervisor first and avoid all the preliminaries.

    p.s. The thing that bothers me the most is it did not matter that I was right, just I was being a persistent pain in the ass. Its a sad commentary.
    .-.. — …- . (I’m getting very modern and going back to the original texting)



  3. 3 robert September 3, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    when you realize that the multinational corporations(globalist/nwo) have isolated themselves from having to actually serve the people…just like the government…we are their customers and all they want to sell us is crap from china…remember it used to be japan… they have forgotten “the customer is the boss”…so while they reap 100’s of millions of dollars we get to try and get service from someone in india or some other isolated cubicle somewhere on earth…but there is a way to get back at them…spend your money with local store owners as much as is possible…it’s our only way out from the path they have us on…


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