Eat some worms

Nobody likes me,
Everybody hates me!
I’m gonna eat some worms.

I listened to NPR this morning.  Scott Simon and Juan Williams were schmoozing about the world’s problems.  Particular emphasis was placed on Obama’s popularity numbers, his botched health care reform initiative, the continuing economic uncertainty, and the looming quagmire in Afghanistan.  There was more.

Jabs at the rising unemployment rate, the falloff in car sales after the end of the cash for clunkers program, and the California fires rounded out the ten minute segment.  The only thing missing was the cover-up of Obama’s involvement in the Octomom adventure and his apparent fathering of at least half of the eighteen, soon to be nineteen, Duggar children.

Seven months in the Oval Office and all the problems of the last decade are his.  Nicely tied up with a red ribbon.   George who?

Then I made the mistake of visiting the NY Times on the web.  The lead editorial  shouted at me…

As is the case with so many economic indicators these days, the only good thing to say about the August jobs report is that it could have been worse.


Adding to my anxiety, Charles Blow’s Prince of Dispassion  piece, anticipating Obama’s next foray into resuscitating health care reform, offered the following depression producing observation…

Let’s hope someone among these Ivy League oracles will convince the president to come down from his cloud and speak to the Costco constituency. As we witnessed during his presidential campaign, he can have a hard time speaking to everyday people in everyday language.

His opponents don’t have that problem. Death panels. Death books. Taxpayer dollars for abortion. Kill Grandma. Take away choice. Is some of this rhetoric blatantly silly? Yes. But, also brilliantly simple.

Conservatives speak in bumper stickers. Obama speaks in thesis statements. In fact, he sometimes seems constitutionally incapable of concision.

With friends like these, there’s not much point in visiting Fox-TV, the National Review or Pat Boone.  Rush Limbaugh can kick back and laugh his drug-laden ass off.

This mind-numbing assault took me back to last evening.  We had a delightful dinner at Kathy and John’s home.  Yummy toast spread with god-knows-what, shrimp with a mysterious coating that begged you to have just one more, and great wine.  In the middle of that Kathy, a flaming liberal with family ties to Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Hubert Humphrey, rose to her full five foot height and proclaimed…

I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it any more.  Who does he think he is?  He promised us.  He said he wouldn’t let us down.  He said he was the tooth fairy.  I’m pissed, crushed and up to here with him.  The fascist!

And then we had dessert.



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