Clever guy, that Baucus

I was rowing this morning and watching CNN.  No, not at Lake Casitas.  On my Concept-2 machine while the sun was coming up.  Been doing that for a couple of years and I can see definite improvement in the callus development on my palms.

There was Max Baucus walking down the aisle in the Senate office building being pursued by reporters looking for blood.  CNN’s Briana Keilar, who looks much too young to be out alone, collared Max and asked “What do you think about the lack of Republican support?”  Max smiled and while continuing his happy-go-lucky stroll down the corridor said “I’m sure by the time all is said and done, we’ll get some of them to come on board.”

Come on board?  They should be hanging from the Capitol chandeliers yelling whoopie.  What a bill that Max has produced for us.  And it only took a millennium or so to get it off his desk.  Something for everybody.  Especially the insurance companies.

Everybody has to have insurance under Max’s plan.  From the same guys that brought us double digit health care inflation rates, cancellations of insureds who actually needed care and rejections of folks whose only crime was to have had acne as a fifteen-year-old.  Oh, and under the Max plan, if you lose your coverage you have to wait six months before getting new coverage.  Meanwhile you can hold your breath and hope that you don’t get swine flu.  As my sainted mother-in-law would say “I was shocked.”

I finished my row, showered, and donned my only-mildly-stained Upper Ojai Search and Rescue t-shirt.  I proceeded to analyze the situation without emotion.  Was Max really in the pocket of the druggies and insurance moguls?  Or is this some kind of clever ploy?  Was Max only baiting the Republicans hoping they would show their true colors for all the world to see?  Did Max know that no Republican would support any bill?  Of course.  That was it.  No other rational explanation is possible.

I can hear Max now, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, lathering up…

Let me think about my options…

I can give them a bill that has what we really need.  A public option with teeth.  Open enrollment anytime, for any reason.  A new reimbursement system that isn’t based on fee-for-service.  Reasonable tort reform that even the trial lawyers would be embarrassed to oppose.  Pay for it all by bringing everyone home from Iraq and Afghanistan, now.  And a three percent increase in taxes on those making more than $500,000.

Oh, but the wailing and moaning from every Republican, the want-my-cake-and-eat-it Blue Dog Democrats, and a bunch of conflicted Independents.  Woe is us, they’ll say.  A Socialist takeover.  My grandmother will be dead in a week.  My deficit-burdened grandchildren will be put in the workhouse and have only gruel three times a day.

Or, I can give them the opposite.  Give them something that they would have thought of themselves.  A plan to promote the current morass, to drag millions more into it, unwillingly.  Bigger profits.  Less accountability.

Wait for them to call out their tea-party’ers.  Wait for Rush, Bill and Sean to raise their minions.  Produce some moronic signs.  Wait for the rest of the world to see who the naysayers really are.  Then hoist them with their own petard.

I’m brilliant!


Baucus 2

1 Response to “Clever guy, that Baucus”

  1. 1 John Russell September 16, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Truly inspired


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