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Libbey Bowl—November 11 Construction Photos

The bowl is on schedule and on budget.  And no one seems to be angry.  Refreshing, isn’t it?

Here are the latest photos taken on November 11.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Head on…wall on stage right is at its maximum, stage left has 4 feet to go…



Looking west through stage left.  Stage right is in the distance…


Stage right…


Stage left…

Libbey Bowl-Progress Photos

Reconstruction of Ojai’s Libbey Bowl is on schedule.  You can follow the progress by viewing each of these images.

To enlarge an image, click on it.

To see all of them in person, visit the windows in Rains Department Store.

Old Bowl


July 15


 September 10



October 15

Libbey Bowl-The work goes on

For those of you who are intimately involved with the reconstruction of Libbey Bowl (and for those who may be just lookie-loos) here’s a 360 degree panorama of the site as of September 10, 2010.  All you have to do is scroll around on the site just like you were standing in the middle of it.

Click and Enjoy.

Libbey Bowl Pano

Libbey Bowl Slide Show-July 11-15, 2010

Thought you might like to see a slide show of the bowl activity from July 11 thru July 15.  Patience is a virtue as the show loads into your browser…especially if you pick the hi rez version.

Click here…

Libbey Bowl-A Work in Progress

Thanks to many of you, the construction of the new Libbey Bowl is underway.  But before we forget, here’s the old bowl…

Sweetie and I have volunteered to chronicle the building of the new bowl.  We spent $14 on two hard hats at Ace, so we plan to get our money’s worth.

We’ll be taking photos at various stages of its construction and plan to periodically post them so you can keep up with the project.  For those of you who may need to get close up and personal, we will occasionally put hard copies of some of the photos in Rains Department store windows.  You may have already seen the above photo (the Bowl, not Sweetie) as you strolled by the store.

McGillivray Construction began their work on July 11.  On July 15 we took a 360 degree panorama of the site.  If you click on the photo shown below, you will be taken to the Photosynth website.  You may be prompted to install a Microsoft utility application (Silverlight) in order to view the pano in all its gloriousness.  That done, use your mouse and scroll around as though you were standing in the middle of the construction zone.  We know it looks like the London Blitz.  But we expect that things will improve shortly.

We’ll keep you posted!


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