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Sweetie has a cold.   She probably got it from one of our kids who was here for the holidays.  Me…I’m constantly swallowing to check my throat.  Is it scratchy?   Is my head hot?  Am I getting it too?  So far no, but the week is young.

The grandkids were in and out of the house during the holidays.  Collecting Chanukah presents at our house, then down to the grandparents in Ventura for Christmas cheer.   Pretty good haul, though Isaac never did get that sweatshirt with the spooky eyes sewn into the hood.  Maybe next year.

With Sweetie on the couch and me not feeling like doing much, I’ve been watching the news and reading the pundit predictions for the incoming Obama administration.   They continue to marvel at the public’s high expectations.  A certain euphoria and comparisons to the second coming are easy to find.  How can that be?

The Israelis and Hamas further complicated an already severely agitated world.  Iraq hanging on by a fingernail.  Kabul virtually the only place in Afghanistan where the Taliban are not in control.  Pakistan and India waving nukes at each other.   Somalia,  Ethiopia and Zimbabwe troubled hotspots.   Blagojevich trying to sell the Cubs to Venezuela (why not…and you can throw in the Bears for good measure).

An economy that needs several more Christmas shopping seasons before it straightens itself out.  A stock market that lost eight years of gains in 2008 and gets vertigo whenever it inches up a bit.  Auto companies that can’t endear themselves to the American driver.  A school system that is running on fumes.  Nearly eleven million people out of work.  Forty million without health care.  Madoff skips out with $50 billion and no one in the SEC seems to have a clue.

And the media.  If real tragedies weren’t enough, the media will create them.   Turning good news into bad news is a real art.  I was scanning the NY Times home page the other day.  Lots of bad news…as usual.  I worked my way down to the bottom of the page.  I was breathing hard when I spotted this little gem.  “Amazon reports best Christmas season ever.”  And that was it.  No point highlighting good news I guess. 

And today,  the piece de resistance…

 Attention Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks customers, starting tonight, you will lose your favorite Comedy Central shows on TV and online because of a dispute with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

What!  No John Stewart!  No Stephen Colbert!  No Tina Fey!   No!  This can’t be.  What is Obama going to do about this?  It’s worse out there than I thought it was.

So why the euphoria?  Then I stopped and smelled the roses.  You know that little trinket I got almost four years ago?  I told you about it a month ago.  You know, the one that counts down the years, days, hours and minutes to the end of the Deluder in Chief’s term.  I look at it nearly every day.

 And I smile.  It’s euphoric.


If the shoe fits…

Poor George Bush.   Takes time off from the crumbling economy to fly to Iraq to tell everyone “Hang in there, I’ll remember you.”   And some guy throws a shoe at him.  So much for fond farewells.

The shoe guy, Muntadhar al Zeidi, had this to say…”This is your farewell kiss, you dog!  This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”  Nicely put but hardly politically correct.  What Mr. al Zeidi fails to mention in his soliloquy are a couple of related items that I offer for your consideration.

While the Deluder in Chief was promoting, prosecuting and making excuses for the ill-conceived and poorly planned war in Iraq…

He turned a federal surplus into a raging deficit.  The American economy entered free-fall.  People lost their homes.  Retirement assets lost 40% of their value.  And at least 8% of us will be jobless.

The SEC was tiptoeing around Bernard Madoff as part of the Administration’s goal of regulation abandonment.   And the biggest investment fraud in American history cost us $50 billion in a blatant Ponzi scheme.

The reconstruction of Iraq was overseen by virtually no one…at a cost of $100 billion.  And it failed.  A new draft report shows that the Administration was informed enough to know about the failing effort.  So what did they do?  They simply put out inflated measures of progress.  Mission accomplished.

And lookee here.  A new Senate bipartisan report says that the Administration not only knew about the atrocities at Abu Grahib.  They produced them.   The torture wasn’t the fault of a few misguided psychopaths.  It resulted from actions committed by high ranking officials in the Bush cabinet including Rummy, Dickie and Alberto.  Actions that some would say should lead to criminal indictments.  As the Times reported…

…top officials, charged with defending the Constitution and America’s standing in the world, methodically introduced interrogation practices based on illegal tortures devised by Chinese agents during the Korean War. Until the Bush administration, their only use in the United States was to train soldiers to resist what might be done to them if they were captured by a lawless enemy.

The officials then issued legally and morally bankrupt documents to justify their actions, starting with a presidential order saying that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to prisoners of the “war on terror” — the first time any democratic nation had unilaterally reinterpreted the conventions.

Yet in spite of the potential benefits of maintaining a low profile in the remaining days of the Bush legacy, it goes on.  Like new regulations that can be rushed into place just in time for the Deluder’s departure.  Regulations that impact the environment, our privacy and a woman’s right to govern her own body.

Yes, I can hear some of you say “Enough already.  We know he’s a jerk and good riddance to him.  Why do you have to keep beating on a dead horse?”  Maybe because those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.  Or maybe because it was so awful that even I can’t believe it.

Yes, Mr. al Zeidi had the right idea when he threw the shoe.  Too bad it took us eight years to see it.


The silly season

We went to Buellton on Friday to pick up some olive oil bottles.  We got smaller ones this year because of the lousy harvest.  Hopefully, our friends and relatives won’t notice the size reduction.  And if they do, maybe they’ll use the precious oil with greater discretion.

Buellton’s the place where Pea Soup Anderson is.  I don’t know why they sell pea soup.  Tried it once and nearly gagged.  It’s an another example of how advertising can paper over a lousy product.  GM cars also come to mind.

Buellton is the wrong-side-of-the-freeway stepchild of Solvang, another overrated town that you just have to stop at if you want some Danish trinkets or must have some faux Danish delicacy.  Sweetie and I had lunch at Ellen’s Danish Pancake House surrounded by truckers and old ladies with blue hair.  Food was good, promptly and pleasantly served…and cheap.  The diner’s been there since 1943.  I don’t think Ellen is.

Takes about four hours for the round trip from Ojai.  Plenty of time to stare at the ocean, the oak-studded hills and the red tailed hawks that occasionally soar over the freeway.   The ride demands a pit stop at Gaviota, about twenty-five miles north of Santa Barbara.  It’s a smallish state-run freeway toilet house where you are amazed at the inability of the guy ahead of you to hit the urinal.  And why is it that the same jerk has to scratch unintelligible marks onto the top of  the hand dryer?  Isn’t it bad enough that it takes two days to dry my hands with that war-surplus dryer?  Do I have to gaze at graffiti too?

FM reception is spotty through the hills.  But you can usually get an NPR station that keeps you up-to-date on the lunacy of the moment.  Today was no exception.  Governor Blagojevich was still prominent with his attempt to cash in on a senate seat and assorted other outrages.   Candidates for the seat were falling all over themselves claiming to have never heard of the Governor.  One good thing about this absurdity was that I could now pronounce his name.

The on-again, off-again Car Guy bailout was a heavy hitter, with UAW leader Ron Gettelfinger refusing to back down even if it meant no Christmas goose for a couple hundred thousand of his colleagues.  In response to why it wasn’t fair to save the autoworkers,  Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina had this to say…

We’re going to have riots. There are already people rioting because they’re losing their jobs when everybody else is being bailed out.

I’m certain that Toyota’s and BMW’s presence in his state had nothing to do with his hysteria.

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri was worried about a rider to the bailout bill that gave a pay raise to federal judges…

And my phone is ringing off the hook, Mr. President,” she said, “from people who want to be federal judges.”

But the funniest thing of all was the reporting of the remarks made earlier in the week by the Deluder-in-Chief at West Point.  This was the same setting where in 2002 the Chief enunciated the “Bush Doctrine of Preventive Attack.”   Never one to waiver from a bonehead decision, he now said…

In the years ahead, our nation must continue developing the capabilities to take the fight to our enemies across the world.  We must stay on the offensive.

Silly wabbit.



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