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Come to my Tea Party

‘But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ said Alice. ‘Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the cat. ‘We’re all mad here.’

Sean, Bill, and Rush continue to ply their trade, hoping to grow their fan bases and their bank accounts, with only a passing interest in tearing down the Obama administration.  On the other hand, Fox’s Glenn Beck seems religiously intent on rallying the masses on a crusade to take back the country from that black guy and his Democratic supporters.

On Friday I was clicking through the NY Times website and stumbled on David Herszenhorn’s article  recapping the more than 500 amendments submitted to the Baucus health care reform bill.  I scrolled down to the readers’ comments and found this as the very first…

Health care is fine.  Leave it alone.  I hate all Democrats.  They should all die.

And the maniac even signed it.  A star is born.

The President of the United States lies.  The country is controlled by Socialists and Communists.  White people are a disadvantaged majority.  Bring your guns to Tea Parties and political forums.  Children shouldn’t be exposed to the President’s politically biased call to stay in school and study hard.  Obama is a Fascist.  Obama is a Communist.  Obama is an Indonesian Muslim.  Obama is an illegal alien from Hawaii.

I admit to sharing the angst of those who suffer.  I share their need to lash out and express themselves from street corners and dark alleys.  After all, I’ve been there too.

I was there when their President cut $1.3 trillion in taxes — and gave nearly all of it to people who didn’t need it.  Then turned an inherited surplus into a deficit.

I was there when Wall Street was de-regulated,  when former Senator Phil Gramm of Texas rewrote the securities laws, created unintelligible financing fantasies, and gave home loans to people who didn’t have a pot to piss in. Then rewarded us with Bernie Madoff, a zillion foreclosures, and banks begging for bailouts.

I was there when their President said let’s go to Iraq.  That’s where the weapons of mass destruction are.  And don’t worry about the cost in lives and dollars.  It’s worth it.

I was there when their President violated our rights of privacy and penciled out those laws that he didn’t feel like following.

I was there when their President appointed Justices Alito and Roberts.  Two men who, like Thomas and Scalia, are constitutionally insulated from caring about the little guy and overly-protective of corporations.

I was there when their President shackled stem cell research and let Granny die.

Yes, I was there.  And I’m sure that the folks who are Tea Partying today were there too when their President was in charge.  Surely, they must have been ranting about spending too much, giving Wall Street hell, and chastising their elected representatives for ignoring the will of the people.  Weren’t they?

I’m sure their elected representatives got up in Congress and called their President a liar.  Didn’t they?

My President.  Their President.  Our President.

Tea anyone?



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