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A Gracious and Civil Prelude to a Hanging

A Gracious and Civil Prelude to a Hanging

Highlight of my day.   I clicked on the NY Times website expecting to see a featured article about Syrian massacres, how Germany bought Greece to avoid the Euro debacle or maybe the latest idiocy from the state of Arizona.
Instead I found a photo of whatever his name is along with the masthead A Gracious and Civil Prelude to a Hanging.  What the hell, I said.  Is this a joke?  Has the copy editor of the Times been drinking?  This is not the Ventura Star.  This is the NY Times.  They never make a faux pas like this one.
And then I read the article.  Seems that Obama found the time and courtesy to assist with the unveiling of the Busher’s official White House portrait.  Almost four years to complete the damn thing.  Maybe it takes that long to do paint by the numbers.  Too bad the hanging didn’t occur twelve years ago.
But as the President said: “We may have our differences politically, but the presidency transcends those differences. We all love this country. We all want America to succeed.”  He failed to add “unless your election is contingent on its failure.”


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