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Where are Ronnie and Clint when you need them?

I love the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.  I especially look forward to Fridays.  When David Brooks and Mark Shields intelligently face off about the week’s disasters.

David’s a button-down kind of guy with a conservative bent while Mark, an old-time liberal, is lucky to have his pants zipped up.  To their credit, and unlike their flamboyant cable counterparts, they are less interested in promoting themselves or scaring us to death, and more interested in giving us a fair take on the news.

When the president speaks, I watch it on PBS.  Principally because I don’t have to suffer the talking heads who populate the other networks.  But also because Shields and Brooks can be counted on to offer an intelligent critique of what President What’s-His-Name said.  Usually.

Last night Sweetie and I watched Obama speak from the Oval Office.  All about the oil leak.  I think he said…it’s a bitch of a problem, folks are suffering, I’ve made some changes to improve things, BP is going to pay through the nose, we’ve got to stop sucking on foreign oil, and the leak is more than Joe the Plumber can handle.  Simple stuff that even my grandkids can grasp. Much as I hoped for it, I didn’t hear any magic bullet solutions.

On to David and Mark.  “Nice speech but where’s the beef?” David said.  “Remember when FDR spoke about the war?  He told the public to spread a map of the world on the floor and then he walked us through all the places we were headed to beat our enemies brains out.  Island by island and beach by beach .  Now that was a speech.  That was a plan.”

Mark chimed in. “David’s right.  Good speech but same old stuff we’ve been hearing for weeks.  No four score and seven, no damn the torpedoes, not even an ich bin ein Berliner.”

Crestfallen, I looked over at Sweetie.  Asleep.  How could she abandon me when I needed someone to share my belief that what I had heard from the commander-in-chief was a ray of sunshine in a sea of goo.  Another glass of wine didn’t take away the pain.

I began this morning by skimming the NY Times on the web.  Maureen Dowd has become an ardent critic of Obama.  It’s as though she has leftover brickbats from Bush’s tenure and needs to hurl them before she loses her frequent flier miles.  Today was no exception.  Mo begins with…

Of the many exciting things about Barack Obama’s election, one was the anticipation of a bracing dose of normality in the White House.

and ends with…

Nobody needs to see the president yelling or pounding the table. Ronald Reagan could convey command with a smile; Clint Eastwood, with a whisper. Americans need to know the president cares so they can be sure he’s taking fast, muscular and proficient action.

Great.  What we need is another right-wing actor who was upstaged by a chimp or a fictional hero with a big gun.

Ronnie would smile while regaling us with memorable quotes like…

A tree’s a tree. How many more do you need to look at?

Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.

And Clint, my all-time guy.  Bet if Obama plagiarizes these pearls, the Louisiana shrimpers will be like putty in his hands…

If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

I tried being reasonable, I didn’t like it.

As one responder to Ms. Dowd put it…You might prefer Captain Kirk, but we’ve got Mr. Spock, and that’s fine with me.


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