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Tony Strickland says we need to wash more often

Tony Strickland is my man.  Wait, don’t run away.  Let me tell you why he should be yours too.

The guy has guts.  What other politician, after an all-out search for a grabber story, would land hard on one that illuminates the evils of cloth grocery bags?  In the process Tony undoubtedly ran through a litany of well-documented Republican standards and then quickly eliminated the following as being too national in scope:

  • Obama was born in Kenya.
  • Hawaii is not a state
  • Obama is a Muslim.
  • Obama is Bella Abzug in drag (although this ran a close second to cloth bags.)

Running for a U.S. House seat that is currently partially occupied by the long-retired Elton Gallegly,  State Senator Tony is up against one semi-Republican and a cast of Democrats led by Assemblywoman Julia Brownley who, it is reported, does not believe that cloth bags cause cancer.

Plastic bags are the current topic of choice in California right after Jerry Brown’s indecipherable (probably as intended) budget balancing proposal.  Several dozen municipalities in the state have already banned plastic bags.  These towns can be easily identified by the roller derby of oranges, lemons and onions chased after by pursuing patrons in supermarket parking lots.  Ojai just passed such an ordinance and I’m attending an adult education class that will help me figure out, among other things, what I’m to do with sopping wet cilantro come July 1.

Tony, in a blatant effort to capitalize on any issue that will separate him from the crowd and cater to the NRA, CSA, AA and other leave me alone and mind your own business voters, created a bill that has no useful purpose other than to endear himself to other morons just like him.  His original bill threatened us with “serious illness, cancer and birth defects” should we fail to wash our cloth bags between uses, and required that a printed warning be affixed to the bag.  Having not yet lost all of his senses, Tony later amended his Senate Bill 1106 eliminating the itemized scary diseases and glumping them into a single less death defying category.

Saner indivduals leaped on Tony.  The most cogent response, sounding almost Republican, came from Mark Murray, executive director of Californians Against Waste…If your socks, underwear or reusable bag gets dirty, wash it, Murray said.  Julia Brownley, displaying her skills acquired as Chairperson of the Assembly Education Committee, said…the bill is silly.

On Monday, the bill was rejected by a Senate panel on a 4-2 vote.  4 Democrats and 2 Republicans.  They did, however, suggest that it would be wise to wash our hands, reusable bags and underwear more often.



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