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Why Can’t They Make Up Their Minds

You may wonder why my blogs have of late been so few and far between.  Then again, to my dismay, maybe you haven’t even noticed.

Truth is that I have been unable to zero in on a Republican candidate.  One who I can take consistent shots at.  The candidate of choice has been a moving target.  Oh for another Sarah Palin.

Rick Santorum, the flavor of the week, just begs for the spotlight.  But I know that even before I finish typing this blog he will have gone the way of the Dodo.  And then what will be left for us…er, right.  Mitt Romney who we already know more about than most of our relatives will undoubtedly move back into the lead.  A point in his favor was his recent declaration of electability when he anointed himself a “severe conservative.”  But after that, what else is there to say about him?  And, once I’ve said it, he’ll probably offend some poor, black, disabled grandmother and be out of range again.

Rick is no slam-dunk-shoo-in for my barbs even though he claims that the Crusades are why the American left hates Christendom…

The idea that the Crusades and the fight of Christendom against Islam is somehow an aggression on our part is absolutely anti-historical, …And that is what the perception is by the American left who hates Christendom.

And who doesn’t already know Rick’s thoughts about climate change or, more specifically, what should be done to deal with it…

Well, if you have a problem and you want to craft something, what should that thing that you’re crafting do? Solve the problem. Do any of the proposed solutions put forward by Al Gore and his friends do anything to solve the problem? Even the scientists who support the theory will admit to you that it doesn’t do anything to solve the problem. So query, why support the solution, other than you may have some other agenda that may be in place here.

His comments ten days ago to a Fulton, Missouri gay man don’t rise to a level that commands our attention above that deserved by either American Idol or America’s Funniest Home Videos

You’re not entitled “to special treatment under the law…[Marriage is] not a right, it’s something that has existed since the beginning of human history as an institution where men and women come together for the purposes of forming a natural relationship as God made it to be. And for the purposes of having children and continuing that civilization. It is an intrinsic good…And as a result of that, we extend a privilege. We extend certain privileges to people who do that because we want to encourage that behavior.  Two people who may like each other or may love each other who are same-sex, is that a special relationship? Yes it is, but it is not the same relationship that benefits society like a marriage between a man and a woman.

Even his thoughts about God can’t make Santorum a boogeyman for our sniping…

I get a kick out of folks who call for equality now, the people on the left, ‘Well, equality, we want equality.’ Where do you think this concept of equality comes from? It doesn’t come from Islam. It doesn’t come from the East and Eastern religions, where does it come from? It comes from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that’s where it comes from.  Santorum went on to suggest that people who don’t live according to what he termed “God’s law” can’t claim “equality.”

A couple of guys who do deserve our undivided attention are Heinrich Himmler  and Reinhard Heydrich.  You may remember these guys from World War 2.  Himmler, second in command to Adolph, was the head of the Gestapo and Heydrich was largely responsible for planning the disposition of six million Jews, and three or four million Poles, Communists and other assorted undesirables.  The interesting thing about both of them is that, while exhibiting extraordinary patriotism and an abiding hatred of everyone not like them,  they were relatively incompetent. Yet they managed to control a highly educated German population, bring about the Holocaust and very nearly win the war.

That could never happen here.

Waiting for Superman

Now that Muammar Gaddafi is toast I wonder if we could focus on the next candidate for the I’m Done, Butter Me Hall of Fame.   It took Muammar forty-two years to finally realize that he should have retired to the French Riviera twenty  years ago.  Like wasn’t ten billion dollars enough for room service?  Did he have to stick around just because he wanted to bequeath Libya to his kids?  So now he’s got nothing to show for it other than looking suspiciously like Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler.

Which brings me to the Prez.  Yes, I know that the country was in the shitter when he took office.  Yes, I know he’s a lot smarter, quicker on the uptake and more compassionate than his predecessor.  He can even say nuclear without making it sound like he’s from Bolivia.   Yes, I know that he had little to do with our sixteen gazillion dollar deficit.  Yes, I know that Obama has accomplished more than we realize.  But I want him to enter the phone booth, shed his glasses, remove his tie and leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Two, even three, bounds would be acceptable.

Why do I feel blah when he appears on my TV screen?  Why do I feel that he needs lessons in Excel so he can put his plan on paper?  Why did the Republicans get everything they wanted when they control only one part of government…the House of Loons.  Why am I still waiting for Superman?

The presidential campaign has begun (or maybe it never ended).  The Republicans have fielded a sorry mess of candidates.  They are even killing their young.  The latest entry into the fray is a governor who thinks his home state should secede from the Union.  A guy who has so many lies to live down that his nose length precludes him from using the supersized revolving door at LAX.  While bemoaning the size of government, this guy shleps big bucks  from supporters in return for appointments to a bushel of commissions that he, the sworn enemy of big government, established.

People still flock like adoring groupies to see the Snow Queen, and she laughs all the way to the bank.  There is so much duct tape on Ms. Bachmann’s mouth that she has to be fed intravenously.  Yet she wins the Iowa straw poll and proclaims herself the messiah who will lead us back to $2 a gallon gas.  Then there’s the party’s token black, a Clarence Thomas act-alike ready to pack the Supreme Court with little Clarences.

And a guy who might be on the cusp of agreeability has been tied in knots by Tea Party take-no-prisoners and other folks who think Mormons are from Mars.  And how about Ron Paul who famously said Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven’t had capitalism.  If he wasn’t running for President, he’d do a great job of making the trains run on time .

So, with all this mediocrity vying for the Republican pole position, why am I pouting about someone who is head and shoulders above them?  Maybe Superman is just a dream.  Maybe I should thank my stars that we’ve at least got Mighty Mouse to save the day.


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