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So far so good…

Sweetie and I hosted our photo show at City Hall last night.  In spite of some rain, good friends showed up and more strangers than I expected.   The highlight of the show was Sweetie’s cookies.  But I admit that I enjoyed hearing comments about the photos.  Ego never rests.

Many of our guests talked about the inauguration.  It was a continuation of the banter at Karen and Jim’s the night of the inaugural ball.  Most folks there were just happy to see change…and the helicopter disappear over the horizon.  But some showcased their overwhelming anger toward the newly departed.  So much so that even I blanched and had to look down at my shoes.

It’s been four days and Obama hasn’t turned around the economy.  The Brits, in their classy fashion, say they’re in recession.  Job losses continue to climb.  Even Microsoft has fallen on hard times.  The market acts like a jack-in-the-box.  And banks want more hand-outs.   So why am I smiling?

Obama says “Close Guantanamo.”  It’s all about people.

Obama says “Close CIA secret prisons.”.  It’s all about people.

Obama says “No more torture to obtain information.”  It’s all about people.

Obama says “Federal agencies are to err on the side of transparency.”  It’s all about people.

Obama says “Past presidents can no longer hide potentially embarrassing records.”  It’s all about people.

Obama says “If you leave my administration, you can’t lobby me until I leave office.”  It’s all about people.

So, why am I smiling?  Can’t wait to see what’s next.




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